Jack Frost and his Flakes

In the still of the night

The landscape transformed

As Jack Frost and his Flakes

Became a winter storm


They danced and they sang

A finely choreographed number

Chilling the air

As the town folks did slumber


Jack and his Flakes

Reached far and wide

Freezing everything, they could

Leaving nowhere to hide


But the reception received

The very next morning

Was a chorus of curses

And massive traffic jams forming


So, Jack gathered his Flakes

And gave a pep talk

“These folks don’t understand.

They don’t know what they want!


So, tonight we’ll go bigger;

More ice, snow, and sleet.

We’ll pile it higher

Tonight, while they sleep!”


The very next morning

All was covered in ice

As the town folks cursed more

That the storm had hit twice


But Jack brushed it off

As folks not yet ready

“I’ll take my Flakes up North

Where the reception is friendly.”


To ski country, they went

To spread snow upon the slopes

And in the morning, they heard

Cheers of thanks from mountain folk

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