Fate Knocks

Little did she know

What fate would hand her next

And how far it would go

To earn her respect


It started with just one

Boney finger to her back

Stabbed by fate’s sharp digit

She was under attack


Next came an icy grip

Clenched around her neck

Tighter and tighter still

She gasped and gasped for breath


Fate followed up

With the cruelest act of all

A closed-fist punch to the face

Making her stumble and fall


Yet somehow, she stood

Stronger than she was before

A sly smile on her face

And steely eyes to not ignore


Still, fate raced ahead

Ready for more

But was stopped with a smack

From a heavy closing door


There is a choice

When next, fate decides to knock

Lay down a welcome mat

Or set the deadbolt and lock

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