A Gourd Story

Mom and Pop Pumpkin

Dreamed of the day

Their own little gourds

Would laugh and play


Their patch-sweet-patch

Filled with love and joy

Between two feisty girls

And one shy boy


Gina and Athena Pumpkin

Picked on brother Bo

Wrapping their vines too tight

So young Bo had no room to grow


Though the young gourd struggled

To loosen his sisters’ grip

He tried and tried relentlessly

And soon their vines did slip


Though some damage remained

Bo’s scars were visible

He embraced the struggle

And saw those scars as beautiful


These unique orange stripes

Now made him glad

He wore them with a smile

Despite the struggles he once had


His sisters soon realized

The error of their ways

What they had meant for hurt

Now earned their brother praise


From Mom and Pop Pumpkin

And all the other gourds

Young Bo was rightly honored

With the most prized gourd award

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