Barnyard Friends

Little Isabel was told

“Chores must come first,”

So, she picked up a shovel

And started with the worst;

The stalls smelled bad

And were dirty with debris

But she shoveled as dad said

“Until there’re no more plops to see”;

Next, she spread some straw

A little thicker than she’d been told

She felt the animals deserved a better bed

And couldn’t stand to think they’d get cold;

Onto filling the pails

With fresh water from the well

She stumbled down the path

Stubbed her toe and nearly fell;

But carried on she did

Her chores were almost done

And the barnyard friends patiently waited

Knowing soon they’d all have fun;

Isabel filled a cup with milk

And her apron pocket with apple treats

Then greeted her friends with a smile

At the spot where each day they’d meet;

Though her dad had told her many times

“Isabel, don’t share your food,”

She couldn’t help herself

Sharing with the animals improved her mood;

Cow, lamb and kitties gathered round

And together they all ate

Then Isabel told stories

While each listened until late;

The time had come for bed

When Isabel laid them down

Tucking each into the thickest hay bed

Found in any barn around;

As dad tucked Isabel in

He recited a story from his head

About a humble girl and her barnyard friends

Who shares treats and stories until daylight ends;

As Isabel’s eyes grew heavy she heard her Dad pray

“Please give sweet dreams to my daughter

And her barnyard friends, each and every day.”

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