Garden of Youth

A Garden of Youth

It’s where we’d meet
To rest our feet
We’d talk and then we’d listen;
To the whispers
Floating by our ears
Trying to tell if far or near,
Or if truth or lies were spoken.
And then we’d laugh
As innocent children
Playing in a magic garden;
Where fairies dance
With elves by chance
And unicorns sparkle and shine.
Where children’s minds
And imaginations combine
To fashion new worlds
Filled with sweet candy vines.
Where animals talk
And the real world we find
Is oh, so much more
Than structure, work and chores.
Where dreams exist
No matter your age;
Through a child’s eyes
Who knows what’ll fly by?
During our time spent
About innocent days;
Memories gone by
From yesteryear’s
They do survive;
As the here and now; the why.

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