Paint me a Memory

Paint me a Memory


Paint me a colorful memory;
One I want to keep

Deep in my treasured thoughts
Across the line of time.

Make it one worth keeping
A scene not to forget

A happy tree, decorated white
A sky ablaze, last sunlight.

In need of something beautiful;
Upon this scene I’ll look

At colors, reminiscent of love;
Emotions for my photo book.

They soothe, relax and remind
of the unique scenes that

Exist from time to time.
Special ones, worth stopping for

Hit pause; reflect and rewind.
They leave us wanting more

Along this journey called life
Made of snapshots we store.

A few memories, too perfect
Luck does help us find

The rare, truly flawless pictures
On the film of time.

Paint me a colorful memory
To keep;

One I’ll cherish, as mine.

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