A Pumpkin Story

A Pumpkin Story www.jessicamcollette.com

Life on the vine;
Try to stay in a straight line.

Through the hotness of summer;
We grow through our slumber.

Turning from green to orange;
The animals scurry, begin to forage.

Autumn is here, it’s that time.
We have matured, we’re in our prime.

It will find you, this is the day;
The light spills through the leafy canopy display.

Don’t try to hide;
Rather, invite it inside.

When the sun has set;
Your maker you’ll have met.

Careful hands hone,
A unique expression, all your own.

Newly carved, displaying your true face,
The light escapes from your hollow inner space.

Don’t be afraid;
it’s why you were made.

If you’re open and willing,
Your experience will be utterly fulfilling.

The light expands, it fills a void;
Suddenly, you’re overjoyed.

Your purpose for being;
The bright internal light we’re all seeing.

You’re a glowing face in the dark;
That merely started with a spark.

Don’t try to contain it;
Show your true spirit.

Illuminate the night;
Make all evil take flight.

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