Nancy’s Irish Pub

Nancy's Irish Pub

Visiting Dublin from all over the world, tourists find themselves inexplicably lured to an eclectic Irish pub. Toward the back of the dimly lit establishment, they perch atop the stools, congregated at Nancy’s bar. Visitors to this pub receive a well scripted version describing the life of the red-haired maiden, Nancy. As patrons gaze at her likeness intricately fashioned in stained glass behind the bar, various barkeeps tell the familiar tale of her hard work, dedication and long hours spent operating her beloved pub.

Visitors learn her bar is well stocked with spirits, with Nancy’s favorite being her country’s own, Jameson Irish Whiskey. While they listen with wide-eyed wonder, to the story of Nancy and her treasured pub’s history, little do they know, they are not the only ones hearing this tale. At the end of the rehearsed script, is where the real story begins.

Nancy was a dedicated barkeep, yes. Nancy still continues to be a very dedicated barkeep, YES. Her spirit has yet to depart the establishment she had so loved in life and cannot let go of in death. A hundred years after her earthly demise, her stained glass likeness is just a little too alive – for there is life within those glass eyes!

Peering from her icy multi-colored window, eavesdropping on the bar patrons, the red-haired maiden  stares, anticipating each fated order as it leaves their lips. What does she long to hear them order? Why her beloved Jameson whiskey, of course. For the unfortunate souls who fail to order her poison of choice, an unlucky seat they are fated to receive, for sure. For you see, Nancy’s bar is well stocked with spirits… the spirits of the doomed patrons who failed to order Jameson. On the dusty shelves behind the bar, they, too, now gaze down from their various bottle-shaped tombs, displayed just below the stained glass depiction of the red-haired maiden. All are finely bottled, contained and aged, to Nancy’s exact specifications!

Now, on this fine St. Paddy’s Day, may I take your order?

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