A WINTER JOURNEY www.jessicamcollette.com


Newly fallen snow coats the ground below in crisp white. As its surface breaks beneath the weight of each step, a crushing auditory complaint shatters the silence. Breaths release into the frigid air, revealing their hidden form as plumes of smoke that quickly disperse into the clear of night.

A glowing moon reflects off the snow cover, illuminating the skeletal trees dispersed along the painted landscape. Their bony fingers reach toward the stars filling the heavens, where they twinkle indifferently, unaware of the spectacle of brother moon in all of his fullness.

Spectral sounds travel with ease across the plane of this unencumbered atmosphere. Frost bitten senses obscure their exact origin or intended destination. Cool, clear, dry air stings the eyes, releasing a deceptively hot singular tear that singes the taut skin of the cheek in its path. Slowly, hints of sweet, woodsy embers tickle the nose, beckoning to follow them, like a scented compass.

Heavy feet advertently change direction, continuing to break the periodic icy silence with each step. The moon’s natural luminosity, shimmering starry showcase, and increasingly distinctive ashy notes signal a perceptive alert. Just ahead, the silhouette of a welcoming structure lingers, a warmer radiance than the cool hue of the moon, emanating from within. All it represents beckons entrance. Slowly, with creaky persistence, arrival; home.



Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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