The Dog Days of summer…Writing

The Dog Days of summer...Writing


Inevitably, it seems pets I currently know, or have previously been acquainted, prance, scurry and leap into the stories I write. Much like the influence a geographical environment has on story-lines, it is easy to find inspiration from the unique characteristics of a pet, too. My Boston Terrier’s many quirks, including messy eating habits, the release of bodily noises at impromptu times, or just an afternoon lounging in the sun (as pictured above), have enabled me to add humor in some of my stories, including Coasting Cornelius, as well as, in my upcoming untitled novel.

As a main character, supporting cast or minimally referenced influence, a pet’s unique attributes may prove to be a valuable addition to your work. If ever writer’s block impedes on your creativity (and we all know it will), observe your furry, scaly, or feathered friends. What you witness to be their story may be the mechanism to jump-start your story!

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