Good Stewards

The sun shines So, the flower will bloom The flower blooms So, the bee will visit The bee visits So, our world is sweet Our world is sweet So, we can give thanks We can give thanks By being good stewards Good stewards Of our beautiful earth

Ancient Land

Infused with wisdom Organic and pure The waters run through Sediment and sand The air fills our lungs Where the mountains stand For centuries Broken by clenched fists Caressed by gentle hands Destroyers or defenders Of this ancient land

Cycles and Seasons

Providing resources To nourish us all Encouraging growth After leaves fall Renewing life In cycles and seasons Our blue planet spins As we’re sleeping and dreaming Breathing deeply Her air fills our lungs Her land expands Far and wide Her waters are where Untapped mysteries hide For you, our Earth Love, protection and pride


  A divine paintbrush Delineates the lines Between heaven and earth’s Beautiful design In the windswept bog grass And the ever-changing tide To each grain of sand Forming the dunes that divide A starting point And the transitional lines That feather and seep Over time Until blended as one Vibrant masterpiece refined By unending change… Read More Masterpiece