You’re on the frontlines The best in your field For the betterment of others You refuse to yield To the pressures, the exhaustion To the voice that says, “You’re done.” You carry on each day Because the battle isn’t won You’re okay going unnoticed As long as your efforts are not Saving lives has been… Read More Frontlines


As if communication Wasn’t hard enough Now with masks covering faces It really is tough Are they smiling, frowning, Or cursing you out Are they happy to see you Or wearing a pout From a distance Comes a muffled sound As five different people Shrug and look around “Were you talking to me?” “Were you… Read More Mumbling

By Dusk

A full moon rises On Halloween this year But the kids of Rhode Island Are to be home when it appears No, this isn’t a trick But a suggestion from the state “If you’re out after dark You’re out much too late!” So, set your alarm clocks Enjoy a spooky brunch Be dressed in costume… Read More By Dusk

Freddy the Fly

Freddy the fly Stole the show As politicians bragged About what they know He made his landing On Mike Pence’s head And stayed so long He appeared to be dead But after two minutes And a few seconds more He flew to find Another head to explore