Cat and Mouse

In this game

Of cat and mouse

The cat sits guard

Inside the house;

While the mouse waits

To quietly sneak inside

For a chance to find a hole

To safely live and hide;

But who is the smartest

Opponent in this game

Most would say the cat

Will put the mouse to shame;

But this mouse has a plan

To distract the cat

He’ll place a mouse in his likeness

On the Welcome mat;

Then he’ll wait until the feline

Slyly approaches to see

The mouse who lays in wait

Will fill the cat with glee;

You see, he’s not alive

He’s formed from catnip leaves

A very realistic critter

Even a cat would believe;

And once the cat is hooked

On his formed catnip treat

The mouse will scurry in

Though some would say he cheats;

He really just proved to be

The better player in the game

I’m the champion of cat and mouse

The young rodent will proclaim

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