Dreams www.jessicamcollette.comDreams. I’m talking about the ones while you sleep – not your “hopes and dreams” you consciously have while awake. Dreaming, sleep’s form of entertainment, you either have all the time, or you don’t (so I’m told).

I’ve always had many dreams. Luckily, I’m usually able to remember at least some details of most. I find it quite interesting to see what my creative… eclectic… whacky… subconscious conjures up while I’m immersed in the mysterious state of sleep.

Most dreams seem to be a collection of random people and things, those I may have seen, talked with, or heard, during my various travels through daily life. Less commonly, random people (strangers to my awake self) make appearances. They could be a complete fabrication, or possibly some person (or a combination of people) I saw in my travels over the years.  From wherever their origination, my brain takes over, inserting said stranger into spot A, B or C of my dream world.

I’ve also noticed that what I’ve seen on TV, in a movie, or have read, can influence what I dream about. Thank you, Walking Dead and Homeland, for providing the inspiration for my zombies in the White House dream (or is that real life?).

On lucky occasions, dreams seem to have a clear direction and a definitive purpose. Having a visit from a loved one who has passed is a special treat. Particularly when these dreams come on eventful dates or days that you just need a pick me up from the doldrums of the here and now. Even if the dream is a creation of your imagination, (although, sometimes I like to think it is so much more) you wake up feeling blessed with the experience of seeing them again. On the flip side, Aunt Mabel may haunt your dreams if you’ve spent her hard earned dollars on another package from Amazon you do not need! Buyer beware!!!

Still, other dreams can be utterly frustrating. Maybe you don’t get an answer from someone or you never quite get to the destination you are so desperately seeking. Let’s be real, that really isn’t any different than conscious life. Honestly, the roadblocks in “real” life can be all the more infuriating!

So, slowly and meticulously piece together what you get from your dreams and meld it with the reality of life. Between the two, you could get a glimpse of something. After living longer and dreaming more, you just might finally be capable of comprehending what that something is. I mean really, based on some of the crazy dreams we’ve all (or most of us!) have had, did you ever think you had such a grand… speculative… peculiar… imagination? Give yourself credit and dream on… you do!

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