All I Want for Christmas is a Sweet Tooth


Flat, square, oblong or round;
Plenty of cookies can be found.

Rolled dough, decorated by hand.
Some cut into shapes; a gingerbread man.

Dusted with powdered sugar; kissed with love.
A few nuts; sprinkled from above.

Domes, with secrets inside;
Bright, red cherries, do hide.

So many choices, festive treats;
Icing drips down these tasty sweets.

Tray after tray, into the oven they go.
Onto the next, we roll out more dough.

Mix, form, repeat;
We work together, yet at our own beat.

How many we will make;
Final count revealed, after they bake.

Enticing scents, drift through the air.
Cookies are done; please, pull up a chair.

Tradition shared; the fruits of our labor.
Seasonal favorites; for all to savor.





Image courtesy of Apolonia at

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