“Take a big biteWon’t you, please?It’s from a healthy tree,Free of disease.”The shiny appleFor sale on a stickEnticed their tonguesTo take a lickBut the caramel appleHad secrets to hideIts flesh was rottenTo the core inside*Buyer bewareOf candy-coated lies*


Sometimes it takes years To uncover what’s real To chip away a façade Only time can reveal Raw and exposed Cleansed of all crud A sparkle seen Under layers of mud A glimpse of what’s true Down to the core A bare-naked soul And nothing more Never to wear The façade of before

Morning Stretch

The air smelled clean Refreshed and new Along the rustic path The spring air blew It came from somewhere I could not yet see Citrus floral notes From where could they be? Walking further Rounding the bend ahead A magnolia arose From its garden bed With a morning stretch Sweetest perfume spread

No Apologies

Just as moments come Moments always go Without a warning As the wild winds blow Tossed here and there And then stuck between Forever searching For what it all means Even when the warning Is plain to see It’s a guess How rough the road will be Enjoy the journey No apologies