Sometimes we find ourselves In the unlikeliest of places In the emotions on Others’ faces That says I see you Without speaking That shows they too Are still seeking To grow, to know, to love Along a path to meaning Along the way to receiving Answers yet to come

Return to Sender

  If life had an option Like the USPS Return to Sender For these, check yes: A cold, the flu, feeling blue Bills, mortgages, taxes due Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes too Depression, anxiety, haunting you Poverty, hunger, times of war Insomnia, nightmares, evermore Missed opportunities, Failing scores Heartbreak, death, nevermore

Sweep Away

  Sweep away anxiety When it appears So, it cannot grow And turn into fear Sweep away hatred Before it ignites Into a lifetime Of ignorant fights Sweep away criticism Before it is heard By innocent ears As hurtful words Sweep away apathy That just doesn’t care And choose to live Awake and aware