Drought or Flood

In fields unkempt And overgrown A farmer applies The skills he’s honed For generations It’s in his blood Patience cultivated Come drought or flood He tills the fields And plants the seeds Until there are No more mouths to feed Until there is No more hunger


Why just one day To celebrate Mothers When every day is a chance To tell her you love her; Showing her you care In all the small ways Will bring her joy And brighten her days; Sharing laughter and tears With the one you call Mom Creates a friendship You both, can always count on;… Read More Mother


She’s someone different to each one of us. For some, this three letter word may conjure feelings of love, comfort and cherished memories. For the unfortunate few, this combination of letters may even represent disappointment, disgust, and even hatred. Although everyone has had unique interactions with the person who owns this title to them, I… Read More Mom