She caught herself staring At a desolate tree Peeling bark and leafless branches Reaching Into the cold Crystal blue sky Where puffy clouds floated Aloofly by Unaware of its reach For something Nothing Anything at all She caught herself staring At a cardinal Just starting to sing And found a lifeline Between Fall and spring


You’re on the frontlines The best in your field For the betterment of others You refuse to yield To the pressures, the exhaustion To the voice that says, “You’re done.” You carry on each day Because the battle isn’t won You’re okay going unnoticed As long as your efforts are not Saving lives has been… Read More Frontlines


  STARS Busy life distracts, shrouding light, Remember to view, nature’s delight; Enormous painted canvas, celestial being, Gaze in wonder, eyes seeing; Twinkling lights abound, magnificent orbs, A nightly spectacle, unlimited rewards; An uncertain world, nothing promised, The stars remain, alas much abolished; Your luck turns, shooting star, Release your wish, emotional scar; Through average… Read More STARS