From the shadows of Past Future is born Clothed in hand-me-downs Many had already worn With strong shoulders Broader than the last Future marches on Carrying the weight of Past Until Past’s threadbare rags Grasp and cling no more Future shines bright Out of the shadows Evermore

Spring Sings

If you haven’t heard There’s a new song It’s a song of inclusion Where all belong Where all blossom Beautiful and bright In response to the rain With respect to the light It’s sung by birds Percussion by bees Backing vocals By whispering breeze It’s playing on repeat If you care to hear But don’t… Read More Spring Sings

The Warmth

It’s a cold, cold world Even when the temperature is high So, wrap yourself in the warmth That only peace provides Let it radiate and spread Outward from inside In hopes that one day soon It’ll push the cold aside It’ll melt hearts It’ll open eyes