Irish Sweater

It is warmly made Of intricate threads Connecting the past With the future ahead Woven by hand Finished with heart A textile relic A proud work of art Its Celtic knots Are proudly worn Even when its threads Are old and torn The sweater strong As the wearer stubborn

Mind and Body

At the end of the street Where it turns to gravel I walk on As my mind too travels Down different paths Some old, some new Some fantastic Some simply true As the gravel rolls Under my feet I know I’m back At the end of the street Mind and body Lighter than before

Merry and Bright

Twinkling or steady Multi-colored or white Frosted or clear Muted or bright Old-fashioned bulbs Or LED lights A candle that flickers A brilliant spotlight Whatever your preference Whatever your delight They’ll all make Christmas Merry and bright


You’re on the frontlines The best in your field For the betterment of others You refuse to yield To the pressures, the exhaustion To the voice that says, “You’re done.” You carry on each day Because the battle isn’t won You’re okay going unnoticed As long as your efforts are not Saving lives has been… Read More Frontlines