GreetingsSunshine Store – Warm Sentiments for a Brighter Tomorrow

GreetingsSunshine – Zazzle Store


On this journey called life, I’ve published a couple of books (Your Special Star and Naming the bits Between) and have been chosen to be featured in all of the anthologies (Shoreline, Under the 13th Star, Selections, Past, Present, and Future) published by ARIA – Association of Rhode Island Authors. Along this writing path, I have also found a passion for poetry. It is probably something I was born with since my grandmother was an avid poetess as well, but it has only become a focus in my creative writing in the last couple of years.

Photography is another creative outlet that I have explored (and gotten more adept at thanks to my husband’s fondness for learning and teaching me everything he can about cameras, lenses, and techniques). With the photographs I have collected on my journeys, I have enjoyed pairing my words with these pictures. Sometimes the picture serves as the inspiration and other times I hunt to take a photo that I can pair with a specific idea in my head that needs to get out for you all to see!

While combining my poems with the photos, I have most recently found a passion for graphic design. There is nothing like creating something completely new and sharing it with the world! The possibilities are endless when you start creating and once you start, you’ll have trouble stopping, trust me!

With all of these artistic efforts combined, I decided to make my designs available to the public and have chosen Zazzle as the main avenue to do so. Their impressive print-on-demand platform and the number of types of products available to place designs on made them an obvious choice. Under my store name, GreetingsSunshine, my original items are available for all to see. It is my hope that these creations offer warm sentiments for a brighter tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by – Jess